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Verification Partners

Respect Network Verification Partners are companies who have developed specialized technologies and services for verifying individual’s identities and credentials in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Respect Trust Framework for individual control of personal data. By providing an interoperable marketplace for these credentials among members, the entire network grows stronger and more diverse.

miiCard (My Internet Identity Card) is the first global platform for accurate, real-time online identity verification compliant with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer standards, replacing the need for a physical ID check.

miiCard has been developed in response to a growing demand worldwide for a means to prove identity purely online as both the risk and value of transactions on the web escalate. Owned and managed by the individual, miiCard creates a high level of trust online between individuals across a range of areas including social and professional networks, online dating, and trading on auction sites.

Businesses selling high value and high risk products and services online in a range of industries such as financial services, legal, real estate, recruitment, gambling and trading stand to benefit from increased conversions, reduced time and cost of execution and additional fraud and identity theft protection by using miiCard to prove the real identities of their customers online.

BioID developed the first cloud-based biometric recognition service, using face, voice and iris recognition to provide a reliable link between a real person and digital identities by verifying the user’s presence in a way that is convenient and natural – the user simply looks at the camera. BioID detects when an impostor is using a photo or video to impersonate a legitimate user, and protects user privacy by separating biometric data from other personally identifying information.  Anonymous biometrics put the user in control of personal information, allowing identity or specific attributes like age or gender to be verified without necessarily sharing legal name or other sensitive information with third parties. The company’s technology has been proven through many years of use at enterprises, banks and government organizations.

Virtrue is your verified identity — the first global product to instantly verify identity and other trust indicators for online and offline transactions. Virtrue was developed in response to a lack of trust between two parties. In our global and mobile world, it is easy to hide and create fake identities. Virtrue reduces the chance of a fraudulent activity – be it in hiring, to buying, to sharing or anywhere else lack of information makes you uncomfortable. Stop searching fruitlessly online for data on someone – ask them to become VirtrueUs. Trust so that you can transact.

TrustCloud is a trust system for peer-to-peer marketplaces that measures virtuous behavior online to build a portable and contextual trustworthiness indicators you can use anywhere. TrustCloud’s TrustScore starts with Verified users revealing universal virtues of Trustworthiness such as Reliability, Responsiveness, Longevity, and Generosity. This virtuous data is validated by Behavioral algorithms, while recorded Transactions add context. Sharing economy marketplaces, together with thousands of users, have adopted TrustCloud as their default portable trust indicator. Launched in May of 2012, TrustCloud’s mission is to increase trust and reduce risk in all peer transactions.

Edentiti provides ways for individuals and organisations to keep track of, and supply, information about themselves.  Edentiti systems are classified as user managed access systems and are designed around generally accepted privacy principles.  Keeping the release of private information under user control results in private, fraud resistant, efficient and operationally low risk electronic transactions. Edentiti’s online identity verification service recently won the Novay Digital Identity Award for the best new concept or product in the field of digital identity.