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The Respect Trust Framework

The foundation of the Respect Network is the Respect Trust Framework, which was listed with the Open Identity Exchange in May 2011 and honored with the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference. This is the umbrella legal contract to which every member (person or business) of the Respect Network agrees when they join the network, just as all cardholders and all banks agree to the contract necessary to join a credit card network.

However the Respect Trust Framework differs from a credit card network agreement in three major ways:

  1. The Respect Trust Framework establishes a set of five simple yet universal principles governing the control and protection of identity and personal data­­—principles that operate at a higher level than conventional privacy policies. These five principles can be summed up by “the 5 p’s” in one sentence: A promise of permission, protection, portability, and proof.
  2. The Respect Trust Framework specifies a network-wide reputation system with four escalating levels of trust as the primary enforcement mechanism for compliance with the trust framework. This unique form of self-regulation provides a strong incentive for every member of the network to “do the right thing” with personal data and communications. Individuals can begin using this socially-verified reputation network today at Connect.Me.
  3. The Respect Trust Framework is extensible by any subcommunity requiring more specific trust rules. Such a community—for example, a financial services network, a health information exchange, or a specialized social network—can inherit all the benefits of the Respect Trust Framework and the Respect Reputation System while adding their own rules and regulations that apply specifically within their subnetwork.

For questions about the Respect Trust Framework and how it might apply to your company or community, please contact co-authors and Respect Network Architects Drummond Reed or Scott David.

Following is a snapshot of the one-page summary of the Respect Trust Framework:

The Respect Trust Framework - One Page Summary