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Platinum Founding Vendors

A maximum of 12 major brands are invited to become Platinum Founding Vendors and be the first in their industry to implement personal channels connected directly to their customer’s personal clouds.

The Platinum Founding Vendor Program is a two-year structured curriculum leading up to the operational launch of the Respect Network in Q1 2014. It is offered by Respect Network Corporation in conjunction with our Consulting Partners and Development Partners. For pricing see the Founding Vendor page.


Each member of the Platinum Founding Vendor Program will receive:

  • One of 12 slots reserved for major brands to participate in the launch of the Respect Network
  • An in-depth review of your company’s specific requirements and objectives for the first services and apps to be developed for the network
  • Direct access and input into the technical, legal, and business architecture of the Respect Network, including:
    • One seat on the Respect Network Steering Council
    • One seat on the Respect Network Technical Advisory Board
  • A full consultancy and support package from the Consulting Partners including:
    • Current state audit and CRM capability review
    • Executive education program, including on-site strategy meetings
    • Market assessment
    • Roadmap development—with the goal that each Founding Vendor emerges from the program with a clear and implementable VRM strategy
  • Access to and learning from peer Founding Vendors, including semi-annual meetings of the Platinum Founding Vendors
  • Related PR benefits and support, including prominent logo placement on the Respect Network home page and a Respect Network Platinum Founding Vendor badge for your website

Bundled Subscriptions

Each Platinum Founding Vendor also receives the following materials and subscriptions from our Consulting Partners:


A Ctrl-Shift Plus subscription, including:

  • Market Watch weekly email (for unlimited internal distribution)
  • Monthly market update summary (for unlimited internal distribution)
  • A minimum of six Ctrl-Shift  reports per year (for unlimited internal distribution)
    • Examples include: The Personal Data Store Market, The Decision Support Market, Personal Information Management Services
  • Two briefings on a Ctrl-Shift report
  • Attendance at four Explorers’ Club meetings per year (an invitation-only meeting in London of approximately 30 individuals)
  • Two hours per month of analyst support

The Searls Group

  • 100 copies of The Intention Economy from Harvard Business Press
  • A premium volume discount on orders of additional copies

Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium