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From Personal Computers to Personal Clouds: The Birth of the Cloud OS

Think “cloud computing” is only for big companies and big data? In fact one of the next big steps in cloud computing is also the next big step in personal, social, and mobile computing: the personal cloud.

In this new paper, Kynetx CTO Phil Windley and other Respect Network Architects outline a vision of personal clouds as general purpose virtual computers running a cloud-based operating system.  This cloud OS (COS) provides many of the same functions as PC operating systems, including identity, data, communications, and device management, except at the level of the cloud.

A COS also provides a rich event-driven programming model for powerful new personal cloud applications that can communicate with each other and with the personal cloud owner via personal channels.

All of which lays the foundation for the Respect Network as a trusted personal data network where customers can safely and confidently connect with each other and the businesses of their choice.

You can read it online (HTML), or download a copy for your favorite reader: