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Non-Profit Partners

The Respect Network offers an unusually powerful proposition for non-profits: a means of lowering costs, increasing services, protecting privacy, and deepening relationships with their members — all with a business model that can lower friction on donations and open up new funding channels.

Please contact any of the Consulting Partners if you would like to explore become a Non-Profit Partner.

For over a decade, Planetwork has convened leading thinkers in diverse fields to explore how creative application of digital tools – visualization technologies, software, social media and the Internet – can open new possibilities for positive global change.

As this vision has matured, Planetwork has become the sponsor of the N2N (Network 2 Network) Initiative — a platform that offers individuals and institutions — drawn from overlapping communities of purpose, place and practice — a collaborative Network-of-Networks that supports more effective organizing and shared purposeful activity as global citizens.

This vision has strong synergy with the Respect Network and aligns with the Respect Network’s ethical business model for a VRM network based on the Respect Trust Framework. Planetwork is working with Respect Network Corporation and the other Founding Partners to educate other non-profits about the potential for citizen empowerment using personal clouds, trust frameworks, and open standard data sharing technologies.

bitWorld has a simple mission: help individual innovators to expand the reach of their efforts to improve the social good. bitWorld achieves its purpose by:

  • Identifying individuals with a proven record of execution and passion in applying technology in context.
  • Assessing the opportunities and capabilities of the individual and their environment.
  • Building a resource network and providing infrastructure services to help individuals build sustainable social businesses around their innovations.

bitWorld is developing a standards-based open source Personal Data Analysis platform that will provide individuals the ability to safely store, share, and analyze their personal behavior.