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Ecosystem Partners

Respect Network Ecosystem Partners are organizations who have already developed their own personal data ecosystems and trust frameworks and seek to achieve broader technical, legal, and business interoperability via the Respect Network.

Mydex, formed as a Community Interest Company under UK law, is a is a personal data sharing platform legally committed to its core social purpose of empowering individuals to manage their lives more effectively. In addition to personal data stores, Mydex offers the MydexID, a digital identity for use in federated logins, including a range of multi-factor authentication solutions designed to simplify interactions while improving security and reducing cost and risk to relying parties.

Connections to the Mydex platform are via an open API that enables organisations and application developers to connect with and provide information services to their members. At the core of Mydex is a trust framework (currently being registered with the Open Identity Exchange and to be certified under tScheme) setting out clearly the rights and responsibilities of all participants, including a standard data sharing agreement under contract law. To learn more please visit