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Development Partners

Building a trusted personal data network requires interoperability at three layers — technical, legal, and business. In addition to the Respect Network Architects and the Commercial Partners, Respect Network Corporation is partnering with the following companies to deliver the technologies, policies, applications, and user experiences essential for customer-driven relationship management.

Kynetx makes a revolutionary platform that let’s people create and control personal clouds that interact as peers with other network services. This is game-changing because it upsets the client-server power structure that has characterized online interactions for the past 15 years. By restructuring our online interactions we unlock new potential in the Internet: our intentions drive online interactions so that we get more of what we want with less risk, less hassle, less frictions, and, as a result, less cost.

Project Danube is an open source project offering software for user-centric identity and personal data services on the Internet. The core of this project is the XDI² (“XDI Squared”) library, which is a modular, general-purpose implementation of OASIS XDI semantic data interchange technology. On top of this component, the project offers an XDI-based personal data store (PDS) – a semantic database for personal data and relationships that always remains under an individual’s control. Project Danube is designed to be lightweight enough that it can be offer PDS services on many different devices, including self-hosting scenarios such as the Freedom Box.

Gluu is an emerging company based in Austin, TX that delivers enterprise-grade cloud identity security via the Rackspace Cloud to provide quick and affordable single sign-on service to organizations of all sizes. Gluu leverages current open standards for federated identity management including SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect 1.0 and SCIM (Simple Cloud Identity Management).

Gluu is also the lead sponsor of the OX (OpenXDI) Project, one of the leading open source implementations of the XDI semantic data interchange standard under development by the XDI Technical Committee at OASIS.

The Customer’s Voice is a UK based business focused on the design and launch of Smart Online Buying Services, a subset of the emerging Personal Data Services market.

The Customer’s Voice has been a pioneer behind the scenes for almost a decade in helping to shape this market, including development of a sophisticated, person-centric data architecture for personal data services.  In 2012 The Customer’s Voice plans to launch the first in a suite of online services to help individuals take back control of their personal data and save themselves time and money when buying and transacting online.

Allfiled, founded in 2007, provides a personal data service to individuals, and white label personal data services to large organisations and entrepreneurs wishing to enter the personal data ecosystem either as service providers or application developers. Our strong belief is that the individual will become the optimal point of integration and origination for data about themselves, and that this will enable step change improvements in how customer – supplier relationships are managed and run.

OwnYourInfo is a personal data store for safe, organized and efficient access and distribution of sensitive and routine personal information. OwnYourInfo was developed as a convenient but secure way to break the paradigm of inefficient and faulty paper-based personal information management systems, and to go a step beyond document storage applications by focusing on the data itself rather than files.  The web and iPhone app provide individuals with a curated set of information templates to help individuals get organized, and a document management system for storing and encrypting sensitive files.  Key features include granular custom PDF creation, permissions-based sharing with expirations and viewing restrictions, a license agreement for recipients, and a time-stamped record of all recipient interactions. An API is also under development.

Disconnect, Inc. is an award-winning startup that makes simple tools to help users understand and control the data they share on the web. Disconnect’s products are top-rated browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that stop tracking by third parties and search engines, and are used by more than 850,000 every week. For more information visit


My Professional ID is a UK- and Australia-based professional records management service. Launched in 2012, My Professional ID enables professionals to establish, own and manage comprehensive, private, and secure digital profiles which they can elect to share with their chosen enterprise partners.  Our truly professional-centric approach, which establishes enduring ownership by the individual, not only reduces risk and administration for all, but offers new insight through continuous feeds of information to connected partner enterprises.


PAOGA anticipated the need for individual Trust and Privacy online before it was recognised as a necessity by government and businesses in order to reduce cost, time, errors and compliance risks. Trusted Relationship Management is crucial as UK government and organisations actively pursue their Digital by Default ambitions with ID Assurance and midata programmes. PAOGA participate in various workgroups to comply with these emerging standards to enable consumers (citizens, customers, clients, employees and regulatory bodies) to synchronize with their PAOGA Personal Data Store providing them with access to their verified identity data and documents to share‘under their control, with their consent, for their benefit’.


Cloudstore Technologies Corp. enables software developers to distribute their personal cloud applications to non-technical individuals and communities who can run those applications on shared or private cloud servers of their choice. Through Cloudstore, developers can focus on software development without having to host, while users benefit from the cost and convenience advantages of software-as-a-service without having to turn over their personal data to a third party.


PRIVO is the leading provider of youth registration and parental permission management services, offering parents multiple options for verifying their parental identity and consenting to the use or disclosure of their child’s personal information with participating companies. PRIVO enables and certifies, through its Federal Trade Commission (FTC) approved privacy assurance program, safe, parentally-approved communication and interaction between children and online destinations. PRIVO’s proprietary software and services enables responsible, safe, and COPPA-compliant online interactions between youth and other youth, and between youth and the brands they love.