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Report on the First Personal Cloud Meetup

The first Personal Cloud Community Meetup sponsored by the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) was held last Tuesday night in San Francisco. The event was sold out, with over 80 people from the Bay Area plus others flying in from around the country. Read more

Respect Network Ends the Year With Four New Development Partners

San Francisco —21 December 2012— Respect Network, the world’s first personal cloud network, today announced four new Founding Partners: My Professional ID, the first online credential management service for professionals; PAOGA, a UK-based personal data service provider; Cloudstore, the first software distribution platform for personal clouds; and PRIVO, the leader in children’s online privacy management. Read more

Allfiled Adds miiCard Identity Verification to its Personal Data Service

14 November 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland — Allfiled today announced the addition of miiCard verified identities to its personal data service platform, allowing individuals to create the high level of trust needed to get more from the services they access online. Read more

Respect Network Founding Partners Collaborate with SWIFT Innotribe on Digital Asset Grid

SIBOS, Osaka, Japan —October 29, 2012— At the Sibos international banking conference today, the Founding Partners of the Respect Network announced their collaboration with Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT, to develop the prototype infrastructure and first applications for the Digital Asset Grid, the new platform being proposed by SWIFT for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses, and devices. Read more

Respect Network Announces Mydex and Disconnect as Founding Partners

SIBOS, Osaka, Japan —October 29, 2012— At the SIBOS international banking conference today, Respect Network, the world’s first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, announced that Mydex has joined as an Ecosystem Partner and Disconnect as a Development Partner. These partners were announced in conjunction with the company’s appointment of Gary Rowe to CEO of Respect Network. Read more

Respect Network Announces New Development and Verification Partners

San Francisco, California—October 10, 2012—Respect Network, the world’s first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, today announced that Allfiled and OwnYourInfo have joined as Development Partners, and Edentiti has joined as a Verification Partner. Each of these companies offers new technologies or services that empower individuals to control the sharing of their personal information online. Read more

Ctrl-Shift Publishes Personal Data Market Timeline

London —  3 October 2012 — Market analyst and advisory company Ctrl-Shift has published an online timeline charting the evolution of the personal data market over the next five years. The timeline maps out thekey events and predictions Ctrl-Shift foresees from now until 2017 looking through the lenses of: social and cultural changes; corporate commercial activity; entrepreneurial activity; technology; and legislation, regulation, policies, protocols and standards. It will be a ‘living’ resource; projections will be updated on a regular basis.

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Respect Network Announces First Four Verification Partners

San Francisco, California—August 30, 2012—Respect Network, a San Francisco based technology company building the world’s first network for the trusted exchange of personal data, today announced that miiCard, BioID, Virtrue, and TrustCloud have joined as Verification Partners. Each of these four companies have developed specialized technologies and services for verifying individual’s identities and credentials in a manner consistent with individual control of personal data. Read more

The Customer as God: Doc Searls in the Wall Street Journal

21 July 2012 — Today the Wall Street Journal Weekend Review featured a front page article by Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy and one of the Respect Network architects. Called The Customer as a God, the article is a compelling argument for customer empowerment, the tenant at the heart of the Respect Network. To quote from the article: Read more

Respect Network Brings Together Neustar and Swisscom as Founding Partners

Vail, Colorado — July 16, 2012—Respect Network Corporation, a San Francisco based technology company, today announced it is forming a global network for the trusted exchange of personal data and has secured Neustar (NSR) and Swisscom (SCMN.VX) as founding partners.  The announcement was made during the Open Identity Exchange meeting taking place here during the 2012 Cloud Identity Summit this week.

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