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Respect Network is the world’s first personal cloud network. It will enable customers and companies to connect directly and share information in either direction with strong privacy, security, and trust.

Unlike centralized social networks, each customer on the Respect Network has his/her own personal cloud from his/her choice of provider (including self-hosted). With a personal cloud, individuals may opt-in to connections with companies (and with each other) in much the same way they would connect and share information via a social network.

However this new form of connection, called a personal channel, is very different than a social network relationship. For example:

  • Each personal channel is its own private, secure connection between the customer and the business. There is no other company in the middle, with access to all the data being shared.
  • All data shared over any personal channel on the Respect Network is covered by the Respect Trust Framework, so privacy and security are strongly protected.
  • All members of the Respect Network — both individuals and companies — participate in the Respect Trust Framework’s peer-to-peer reputation service, so every member has the incentive to build and maintain a positive reputation. You can see this in action at Connect.Me today.
  • All data sharing is based on open standard protocols — no company has proprietary control.
  • Developers can build applications that will work for any customer and any company/organization on the Respect Network — and which will automatically enjoy all its privacy, security, relationship management, and reputation management features.

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