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Report on the First Personal Cloud Meetup

The first Personal Cloud Community Meetup sponsored by the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) was held last Tuesday night in San Francisco. The event was sold out, with over 80 people from the Bay Area plus others flying in from around the country.

The three hour event was a mix of short talks about personal cloud apps and infrastructure and intensive networking. Five of the eight speakers were from Respect Network Founding Partner companies. Talks included:

  • Adam Spector of Virtrue, who hosted the event, on how Virtrue will provide attribute verification services directly to personal cloud owners.
  • Johannes Ernst of Cloudstore on why personal clouds are inevitable, and why they must give individuals control of data, apps, and terms.
  • Kaliya “Identitywoman”, Executive Director of PDEC, on the services PDEC provides for startups, enterprises, and brands interested in the personal cloud space.
  • Phil Windley of Kynetx, on “Why Personal Clouds Need an Operating System”.
  • Drummond Reed of Respect Network on “Why Personal Clouds Need a Network”, including an overview of the Respect Network business model.
  • Joe Johnston of Respect Network and Connect.Me on “Architecting Apps for Personal Clouds”.
  • Independent developer Dan Lyke on what he really wants from a personal cloud.
  • Joe Andrieu of the Standard Information Sharing Label project on how personal clouds can benefit from sites adopting the equivalent of a nutrition label describing their information sharing practices.

Joe Johnston also announced that Respect Network and its 24 Founding Partners are starting the RespectIO initiative to develop open source infrastructure for personal clouds. The first project is the Cloud Fabric open source stack designed to put user back in control of their data by giving them a scalable user-permissioned cloud store. This will also provide a foundation for integrating the Project Danube XDI2 server for XDI semantic data interchange and the Kynetx KRE rules engine for doing KRL event-based personal cloud programming.

Gigaom reporter Jordan Novet attended the event and released this story about the unique Respect Network business model for personal cloud providers. In it he talk about his interview with Respect Network Managing Director Drummond Reed:

When I heard about the Respect Network at the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium‘s San Francisco meetup last week, the personal-privacy angle intrigued me. Instead of being pulled into data sharing by signing up for, say, Facebook, the Respect Network wants individual users to have control and give the OK for each data grab. That’s neat. But as I talked with Reed, the company’s business model sounded just as original. It resembles that of credit card networks such as Visa and MasterCard. They receive processing fees for moving money from buyers to sellers and eventually pass on rebates to consumers.

There was immediate consensus the event should become a monthly meeting, and the date of the next Personal Cloud Meetup has already been set for February 26. See the Personal Cloud Wiki for more information.

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