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Join the First Personal Cloud Community Meetup

Members of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium Startup Circle are holding the first Personal Cloud Community Meetup at the Startup Garage in San Francisco from 6-9PM next Tuesday, January 29. The event will be hosted by Respect Network Founding Partner Adam Spector of Virtrue and facilitated by PDEC Executive Director Kaliya Hamlin.

Respect Network co-founders Drummond Reed and Joe Johnston will both be giving 5 minute Ignite talks about “Why Personal Clouds Need a Network” and “How to Architect Applications for a Personal Cloud.” Founding Partners Phil Windley of Kynetx will talk on “Why Personal Clouds Need an OS” and  Johannes Ernst of Cloudstore will cover “Developer Opportunities for Personal Cloud Apps”.

Respect Network CEO Gary Rowe will also be attending. Event registration is open via Eventbrite (although signups are already over capacity).