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Allfiled Adds miiCard Identity Verification to its Personal Data Service

14 November 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland — Allfiled today announced the addition of miiCard verified identities to its personal data service platform, allowing individuals to create the high level of trust needed to get more from the services they access online.

With miiCard (My Internet Identity) confirming identity to passport equivalent standard, businesses can now offer individuals instant online access to financial products and services that typically require an offline identity check.

Businesses building on the Allfiled personal data platform have immediate access to a global market with miiCard able to verify approximately 300 million individuals across nine countries and five continents.

Allfiled’s CEO Piyush Shah comments: “Individuals want control over their information and the convenience to do more online. With miiCard built in, Allfiled is a powerful business enabler for organisations in financial services, price comparison and public sector markets looking to onboard the right customers more efficiently and effectively.”

James Varga, miiCard CEO adds “miiCard was developed to give individuals the convenience to do more online and address the high drop-out rates, 70 to 90 percent for some financial products that occur when an offline identity check is introduced. We are very excited to be working with Allfiled on this individual-centric solution that provides a high level of trust online for the benefit of both consumers and Allfiled’s customers.”

The announcement comes at a time when the demand for the individual to control their own personal data and identity is at an all-time high. As individual-centric services both miiCard and Allfiled are members of the Respect Network, and agree to the principles set out in the award-winning Respect Trust Framework, so customers can be sure that the privacy and security of their personal data will always be respected.

Respect Network CEO Gary Rowe says “The Allfiled and miiCard partnership clearly demonstrates how the core Respect Network values of strong privacy, security, and trust can deliver real value and convenience to businesses and their customers. It’s fantastic to see two of our Founding Partners working together to create a more user-centric and trusted Internet in the personal data store space.”

About miiCard

miiCard is a global online identity verification service that allows a user to prove for the first time that “I am who I say I am” purely online and in real-time. miiCard empowers consumers to build trust on social networks, trade and transact easily and with confidence, and proactively manage their online identity. Vendors accepting miiCard as proof of online identity can increase conversions, reduce cost of execution and augment fraud and identity theft protection. miiCard currently supports the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and France.

About Allfiled

Allfiled is a personal data service that helps individuals gather, manage and use data about themselves. Allfiled Solutions specialises in building personal data services for organisations and entrepreneurs wishing to develop customer propositions in this emerging industry.The company offers rapid, cost-effective development of prototype and fully operational personal data services, connecting individuals to their suppliers and to the online services they want to work on their behalf.Once ‘connected’ into the personal data eco-system, organisations are able to interact with their customers in an array of new and cost-effective ways.


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