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Ctrl-Shift Publishes Personal Data Market Timeline

London —  3 October 2012 — Market analyst and advisory company Ctrl-Shift has published an online timeline charting the evolution of the personal data market over the next five years. The timeline maps out thekey events and predictions Ctrl-Shift foresees from now until 2017 looking through the lenses of: social and cultural changes; corporate commercial activity; entrepreneurial activity; technology; and legislation, regulation, policies, protocols and standards. It will be a ‘living’ resource; projections will be updated on a regular basis.

Liz Brandt, Ctrl-Shift’s CEO, says, ‘The timeline brings together foresight from our market research, insights we have gained from our work with organisations at the cutting edge of making the personal data ecosystem happen, and contributions from market experts and visionaries. We want it to be a really useful resource for everyone exploring the huge potential and value of this market.”

“This is a powerful new tool for looking into the future to see how events in the personal data market might unfold,” said Respect Network Managing Director Drummond Reed. “It shows when and where the opportunities lie and highlights the important interdependencies between developing technologies such as the Respect Network, the innovation of entrepreneurs, individuals’ shifting attitudes to personal data, and corporate developments and responses.”

So what does the current timeline foresee?

  • Technological and legislative developments such as legal backing for the UK Government’s midata programme, new EU data protection legislation, a US Consumer Bill of Privacy Rights and Microsoft’s backing of ‘Do Not Track’ in its new browser, are prompting a major rethink of consumer/personal data strategies in leading organisations across the world. Helping individuals protect and manage their own data is fast becoming a market in its own right.
  • 2013 will see an acceleration of these trends as the market for Personal Data Stores/Vaults takes off, strategic repositionings by major corporates are announced, and large scale investments into new data sharing infrastructure and trust frameworks proceed.
  • For consumer-facing organisations in both the private and public sectors, earning a position as customers’ trusted information sharing partners will become a priority as as fairness and transparency, value ,and trust become critical issues.
  • Market winners will be organisations and entrepreneurs developing Personal Information Management Services, which help individuals manage and use their own data to run their lives better .

Ctrl-Shift will be updating the timeline regularly with market developments, and welcomes feedback including any contributions or comments regarding predictions to add for the future.

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