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Introducing the Respect Network Architects

18 April 2012 – European Identity Conference, Munich: Respect Network Corporation announced today that eight leaders in Internet identity, privacy, trust, and relationship management have come together to serve as architects of the Respect Network, the world’s first VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) network.

In addition to Drummond Reed, Managing Director of the Respect Network, the other seven are:

  • Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy, leader of ProjectVRM at the Harvard Berkman Center, and father of the VRM movement.
  • Phil Windley, author of The Live Web, CTO of Kynetx, and developer of the KRL cloud programming language that will be the cloud operating system (COS) for personal clouds on the Respect Network.
  • Alan Mitchell, author of Right Side Up and Strategy Director for Ctrl-Shift, the London-based analyst and research firm focused on understanding the business impact of the shift of control to the empowered consumer.
  • Scott David, partner at K&L Gates LLC, counsel for Open Identity Exchange, and legal architect of the Respect Trust Framework upon which the Respect Network is based.
  • Craig Burton, founder of The Burton Group and Distinguished Analyst for Kuppinger Cole, hosts of the European Identity Conference.
  • Iain Henderson, co-founder of The Customer’s Voice and Mydex and leader of the movement to expand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to VRM.
  • Jim Fournier, co-founder of Planetwork and leader of the non-profit N2N Initiative and the Planetwork Citizen Cloud.

“If anyone can build a VRM network for trusted connections between customers and companies, it is this team,” said Mr. Reed. “All of us have worked together on Internet identity and personal data for at least five years—in some cases ten.”

Most importantly, Mr. Reed points out, the group’s expertise spans the skills necessary to encompass all three levels of the network: the technical “bits and bytes”, the legal trust framework, and the business model. “Creating the Respect Network involves more than just technical interoperability between personal clouds,” said Dr. Windley, who will serve as Personal Cloud Architect. “The primary challenges are in fact how it works from a legal, social, and business standpoint.”

Expertise in those areas are the focus of team members such as Mr. David, a specialist in Internet trust frameworks; Mr. Henderson, who has deep experience in large enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems; and Mr. Mitchell, who heads strategy for Ctrl-Shift, the London-based analyst firm specializing in consumer empowerment. “What’s happening is a literal shift of control from companies to customers,” said Mr. Mitchell. “It promises an economic impact larger than eBay and e-commerce – one that will shift the emphasis of entire industries from the supply chain to the demand chain.”

The impact of a VRM network is not just limited to commerce, either. “Personal clouds will give people control of digital identity and relationship management tools far beyond what social networks enable today,” said Mr. Fourier, an expert in digital tools for civil society. “The Respect Network business and relationship model aligns with the values of civil society organizations.”

For more details about each architect, please see the  Respect Network Architects page.

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