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Announcing the Respect Network Distinguished Trust Anchors

18 April 2012 – European Identity Conference, Munich: Thirty-nine of the most respected individuals in Internet identity, privacy, security, and digital rights were honored as the first Distinguished Trust Anchors of the Respect Network at the European Identity Conference (EIC) today.

Making the announcement at the Life Management Platform session, Respect Network Managing Director Drummond Reed said, “A year ago at EIC, Connect.Me and the Respect Trust Framework were honored with the EIC Privacy Award. Now we want to return that distinction by honoring to 39 individuals whose ‘words and deeds exemplify the spirit and principles of the Respect Trust Framework’.”

Honorees come from around the world and all walks of digital life, though each is active in some aspect of digital identity, personal data protection, or building trust online. “It is gratifying how many people within the industry responded to the call for Founding Trust Anchors,” said Connect.Me co-founder and CEO Joe Johnston. “It shows how a peer-to-peer trust network can be bootstrapped by trusted individuals vouching for others in their own personal trust networks.”

In private beta since last October, Connect.Me launched the trust anchor level — the highest of the four levels of trust in the Respect Trust Framework — in late January. As of today there are 747 full trust anchors and over 2000 nominees. Three trust anchors must nominate another member as a trust anchor before that person can attain that level.

“The game dynamic of real people building a real trust network by achieving Trust Anchor status has worked very well,” said Mr. Reed. “This approach can scale, because the more people join the network, the stronger the positive feedback loop gets.”

Connect.Me plans to move from private to public beta later this spring when it introduces a number of new features to the socially-verified reputation network.

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