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Report on the First Personal Cloud Meetup

The first Personal Cloud Community Meetup sponsored by the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) was held last Tuesday night in San Francisco. The event was sold out, with over 80 people from the Bay Area plus others flying in from around the country. Read more

Join the First Personal Cloud Community Meetup

Members of the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium Startup Circle are holding the first Personal Cloud Community Meetup at the Startup Garage in San Francisco from 6-9PM next Tuesday, January 29. The event will be hosted by Respect Network Founding Partner Adam Spector of Virtrue and facilitated by PDEC Executive Director Kaliya Hamlin. Read more

Respect Network Ends the Year With Four New Development Partners

San Francisco —21 December 2012— Respect Network, the world’s first personal cloud network, today announced four new Founding Partners: My Professional ID, the first online credential management service for professionals; PAOGA, a UK-based personal data service provider; Cloudstore, the first software distribution platform for personal clouds; and PRIVO, the leader in children’s online privacy management. Read more

Allfiled Adds miiCard Identity Verification to its Personal Data Service

14 November 2012 — Edinburgh, Scotland — Allfiled today announced the addition of miiCard verified identities to its personal data service platform, allowing individuals to create the high level of trust needed to get more from the services they access online. Read more

Connect.Me and miiCard: First Respect Network Founding Partner Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Nov. 13, 2012 – P2P reputation and social discovery provider Connect.Me and online identity verification company miiCard today announced that they have partnered to create the first verified social reputation card. This is the first integration between Founding Partners of the Respect Network, a coalition of companies putting people back in control of their data on the social web.
Read more

Ctrl-Shift Releases Paper on Information Logistics Platforms

UK market analyst and advisory company Ctrl-Shift has published a White Paper ‘Information Logistics: Key to Digital Value Creation’. It describes the challenge and opportunity of ‘information logistics’ – of getting exactly the right information to and from the right people in the right format at the right place and time – and the new Information Logistics Platforms (ILPs) being launched across the world such as SWIFT Innotribe’s Digital Asset Grid prototype.   Read more

Commissioner Ann Cavoukian Publishes Privacy and Personal Data Ecosystem Paper

TORONTO, ON, October 31, 2012 – Personal information – the new “oil” of the Internet – largely resides with organizations – removed from the individual’s sphere of control. The boundless potential of the Personal Data Ecosystem (PDE) is to place control of one’s personal information into the hands of the individual. The PDE is truly a game changer, and will move privacy well beyond laws, regulations and best practices, to create a privacy-protective relationship between individuals and organizations, says Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner. Read more

Respect Network Founding Partners Collaborate with SWIFT Innotribe on Digital Asset Grid

SIBOS, Osaka, Japan —October 29, 2012— At the Sibos international banking conference today, the Founding Partners of the Respect Network announced their collaboration with Innotribe, the innovation initiative of SWIFT, to develop the prototype infrastructure and first applications for the Digital Asset Grid, the new platform being proposed by SWIFT for secure peer-to-peer data sharing between trusted people, businesses, and devices. Read more

Respect Network Announces Mydex and Disconnect as Founding Partners

SIBOS, Osaka, Japan —October 29, 2012— At the SIBOS international banking conference today, Respect Network, the world’s first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, announced that Mydex has joined as an Ecosystem Partner and Disconnect as a Development Partner. These partners were announced in conjunction with the company’s appointment of Gary Rowe to CEO of Respect Network. Read more

Respect Network Announces New Development and Verification Partners

San Francisco, California—October 10, 2012—Respect Network, the world’s first open network for the trusted exchange of personal data, today announced that Allfiled and OwnYourInfo have joined as Development Partners, and Edentiti has joined as a Verification Partner. Each of these companies offers new technologies or services that empower individuals to control the sharing of their personal information online. Read more